21 Oct 2012

Florists - Kukkakauppaa

Restaurant Kolo had found a beauuutiful wreath.
Suitable for an antiques shop, simple ericas in an antique cast iron piedestal.

Nature's own improvisation in Ruttopuisto (Vanhan kirkon puisto).
Come autumn, the city blooms. I don't know why most of the flower shops are closed in summer, when there is an abundance of fresh flowers available. Do people stop buying flowers or does the market move to the open air market places? However, I have noticed that at least in autumn and the inner city there is a fresh revival of presentation and imaginative floristry.

Andante used to be The florist's but that was about twenty years ago. They even had a decorative live rooster, Gabriel, but when he passed aways the shop, too, seemed to decline. Form & flora: expensive with a great location, an great variety of flowers. In Bloom is a new-comer, and my photography does not quite do it justice, as the front of the shop was a wonderful pink and gray coctail. I should have paused for longer to take pictures but I was embarrassed: I feel silly, walking around with my camera, as if I knew how to take good pictures...

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Yaelian said...

Ihanat kuvat! Ei ole tullut mieleen,että kukkakaupat ovat kesällä kiinni;aika kummallista tosiaankin,kuten tuolla mainitset.Sattumalta minäkin juuri postasin kukkakaupasta;tosin vain sen ikkunasta...